Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ji Hye's Growing Up Journey

When I am months old

When I am 1

When I am 1+

Come this Saturday, I will be turning 2.

Watch this space for more of my birthday celebration pixs...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What Has Ji Eun Gotten For Her Birthday???

Red packets from Po Po, Ah Gong, Ah Yee & Gor-Poh

Art & Crafts Set from Omma & Pencil Case Set from Appa

Paper Puppet Handicraft from Teacher

How Ji Eun Spent Her Birthday...

A pool of fun in the morning @ NS Home Team

A cranky mood in the afternoon @ Bukit Panjang Plaza
(I said I am cranky and so don't expect to see any pixs...)

A hearty dinner in the evening @ Raffles Marina

Monday, September 5, 2011

The 3rd (Sept 2nd) Birthday Cake...

Here comes the Actual Day...2 Sept...Ji Eun's 4th Birthday

Ji Eun's Birthday Wishes: To Be Prettier, Slimmer, Taller, Smarter & Richer...

(** with the red packets I have gotten from Po Po, Ah Gong, Ah Yee & Gor-Poh, I am definitely getting richer. :p)

The 2nd Birthday Cake...

My birthday celebration is just like how Singapore celebrates its birthday - NE Show, Preview & Actual Day.

I have done the "NE Show" in school. So, this is the "Preview".

Like the cake? Designed by me...oh well, with the help of Ji Hye, who messed it up more than anything.

The First Birthday Cake...

This birthday cake is sponsored by Imo (aka Ah Yee)

The Happy Birthday Girl Smiling To The Camera My Favourite Teacher, Ms Grace. Without her, my English will be SUCKS
Po Po, Omma & Ji Hye Celebrated Together With Me In School The Birthday Song Moment...More Like A ChoirMy Classmate, Sae Hee. You're Right, She Is Also A Korean Well, We Can't Simply Leave Her Alone At Home... This Is Ji Hye For You